Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce is a Thai style taste complement to many Asian dishes including poultry and meat. This sauce with lots of fresh chilli and garlic pieces can help create a wonderful meal.


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Categories : Dipping Sauce


Product Description

Thasia Hot Chilli Sauce contains a lot of fresh chilli and garlic pieces, providing smooth spiciness and good aroma. This Thai style sauce can be applied to many Asian dishes.
Level of spiciness: 1 star
Serving per package: 10 Servings
How Cool:
No MSG Added
No Artificial Colour
No Preservative Added
Size: 180 g / 6.35 oz.
Recommended Menu: Roasted chicken, fried chicken, spring rolls and prawn toasts.

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Thasia Hot Chilli Sauce is perfectly mixed from chilli, garlic, and tomato. It is said to be great as sauce for marinade, for dipping and for basting.  


Thasia Vietnam Rice Paper Sauce was created by an authentic Vietnamese recipe. The sauce contains fresh chilli pieces and also pineapple that provide you a fresh vibe of food.


Thasia Peanut Rice Paper Sauce contains peanuts, soy bean oil, and tamarind to provide smooth texture and enjoyable experience.


Sriracha is a type of chilli sauce, named after a coastal city in the eastern part of Thailand. Thasia Sriracha Chilli Sauce is well balanced from high quality chilli, garlic, sugar and salt.

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